God’s Beauty in My House

As soon as I open my eyes first thing in the morning I see beauty.  The sun shining through the window, the blue sky, and sometimes the clouds.  

And as I walk to the kitchen to start my coffee and my day, I pass the pictures of God’s real beauty, my children and grandchildren.  Along with them are pictures of my parents, who are the ones that helped make me who I am today.  They were God’s beauty.  I see pictures I have taken of the Garden of the God’s.

While I sit at my dining table and drink my coffee, I see the birds flying in the backyard and looking for food in the yard.  The squirrels run along the top of the fence and up the trees looking for food, or a place to hide the food.  And I watch Shadow, my schnauzer, chase them.

As I look around my living room I see the picture of my grandson who died several years ago and the one of my daughter who died a few years ago.  God needed them and they are in a better place.  Gone, but never forgotten.  I thank God every day for giving them to our family.

I go to my family room and see the pictures, painted by my step-grandmother, of the yellow aspen, the creeks, the pine trees, and the beautiful mountains.

Then in my quest bedroom and bathroom are pictures I took of flowers and the scenic beauty of Utah.

All through my house I have green plants, violets and an azalea.  They show me His beauty. 

At the end of the day I look out my bedroom window and see the moon and all the stars.

I have seen all of God’s beauty and never even left my house.  And He has given me another day of life.

LindaOThank-you God

Respectfully submitted by Linda O’Riley

Linda wrote this meditation in 2008 and it was printed in the weekly bulletin at that time. We invite you to share your story, your meditation, your spirituality, your journey in this space. Please submit to jgabardi@msn.com. Thank you.