IMG_7024-EditAs we round the turn or halfway point in this year, it is time to start thinking of our annual pledge drive. A easy way to contribute to your church is with an electronic payment option. Here are the facts, revisited from earlier this year:

Electronic/Automatic Payment Options or “Bill Pay”

The suggested method for donating to the Church on a timely basis and without having to write a check is through using your bank’s “Bill Pay” feature. This feature is set up with your bank. You can tell them to send the Church a payment/check for an amount and date which you choose. Almost every bank does this at no cost for their customers.

Advantages For You:

              – Total control over your giving process,

              – Set up recurring payments for an entire year at whatever frequency you desire, therefore you are finished for the year,

              – Do one payment at a time,

              – May alter the amount and date of each check if you choose to change your giving pattern,

              – Able to make a special additional payments for a mission project, capital campaign, etc. at any time.

You, and only you, have total control over your giving process.

How to Set Up Bill Pay With Your Bank:

              Option 1. For online banking, access your bank’s website and find the “send payments,: or the “pay bills,” or the “bill pay” area and make a few easy entries.

              Option 2. If you do not use online banking, just go to your bank branch and a customer service person will help set it up for you.

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