To the Members of the Frank E. and Salome B. Smith Scholarship Committee,

I extend my warmest thanks to you for selecting me as a recipient of your award. I am so grateful to have your support as I continue my study of English at Haverford College. Thank you also for the generous care package that was sent this past spring. During hours of late night study, or when we were simply too lazy to go to the dining hall, the variety of goodies you provided kept my roommate and I properly fueled for the home stretch of our First Year.

With that first year in a strange place now out of the way, I find myself looking towards the fall semester with a new confidence, a confidence that is backed by allĀ of the love and support that I know I will receive from those thinking about me back home. I am thrilled to call CCC Manitou a part of that home, and thank you for your prayers and ever enduring kindness as I enter this new school year.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Phillip Reid

Pictured here with Pastor Reid’s Family, Phillip is the second from the right
Picture courtesy of Cathy Karr, CCC photographer