The members of the Search Committee want to express our gratitude for the trust you have placed in us during this important time in the life of our church! The committee is comprised of 7 members and one alternate, who attends as many committee meetings as possible and acts on behalf of another absentee member when necessary. The members are:

* Julie Wells, Chairperson

* Mary Henson, Secretary

* Deb Bornholdt

* Terry Rich

* Tawnya Winters

* Darold Jones

* Bob Alexander

* Jean Gabardi, Alternate

Please know that we are hard at work. We, like many other members of our church, are hopeful that our next called pastor will be hired soon. However, we are committed to being thorough and prayerful at all stages of the Search and Call process to ensure that we select the best possible candidate. The process, outlined below, is structured so that we may be successful in this endeavor. We will strive for moving through the process in a timely and diligent manner, but it is not our intention to rush through it just to have someone hired quicker. Our goal is to hire the right person who will be happy here and will lead our congregation into the future.

We promise to keep you well-informed as we progress through the various stages of the Search and Call process. To that end, we will be making announcements during Sunday service, posting news in the Order of Worship as necessary, sending emails/letters, and posting regularly to the church’s website. On October 27th, 2016, we had our orientation meeting with the Rev. Sue Artt, our Rocky Mountain Conference/Association Minister, who will work closely with us. We are also currently working on the job description which will be posted on the UCC website as soon as possible.

Below is a brief summary of the process in the United Church of Christ.

1. We will seek your perspectives on our church and its ministry through a questionnaire and a series of small group meetings; as a result of this listening process, we will incorporate your ideas about new pastoral leadership into the “Local Church Profile” that we will develop.

2. Our vacancy will then be listed in “UCC Employment Opportunities.”

3. Persons who have been authorized* to complete a UCC Ministerial Profile will submit profiles for our committee through the Conference/Association office. The Ministerial Profile includes information about the candidate’s educational background, experience, a detailed faith statement, eight written references, a background check form, and a criminal background check.

We will only review candidates who have completed the UCC Ministerial Profile. We will not accept any applications or resumes. If you are approached by anyone interested in being considered for pastor, please ask them to contact Rev. Sue Artt ( to get information on the application process.

4. While the work on the Local Church Profile requires the input of many in the congregation, the names of candidates are held in strict confidence within our committee; we ask you to respect the essential confidentiality of this process.

5. We will share our Local Church Profile with candidates, and we will begin to follow up with persons in whom we have particular interest. The follow up will include telephone reference checks, telephone interviews, and requests for sermon tapes. While pursuing these steps, we will also continue to evaluate new Ministerial Profiles.

6. We will select a small number of candidates for personal interviews, following which we will make arrangements for our Search Committee members to worship with them, most often in a church setting arranged by our Conference/Association office.

7. We will invite at least two candidates back for second interviews, following which we will seek God’s guidance and prayerfully make a decision on a candidate.

8. If the candidate we recommend chooses to accept, compensation arrangements will be clarified, and a date for a “candidating Sunday” will be established.

9. You will have an opportunity to meet the candidate (and family) that weekend in an informal setting as well as the formal worship service where the candidate will preach. A congregational meeting following the worship service will offer each member an opportunity to ask questions of the Search Committee, and to vote on the Call to our new pastor.

We are grateful during this time for the excellent interim leadership of Rev. Jim Reid. We profoundly trust that God will guide both our candidates and the members of our Search Committee. We ask you to pray for us regularly. We are blessed with a wonderful church community; with hard work and God’s guidance, we will be blessed with a wonderful pastor to guide us as we minister in the name of Jesus Christ.


Your Search Committee

Pictured here: Julie Wells, Mary Henson, Terry Rich, Tawyna Winters, Deb Bornholdt; Not pictured Darold Jones, Bob Alexander, and alternate, Jean Gabardi


Photo by Cathy Karr, Church Photographer