Thank you for your pledges of support for this church into 2017! The “Stewardship Drive” is over, but we are still accepting pledges into this year. If you have not turned in your pledge it is not too late! Please drop it in the offering plate or send it to Patsy in the office. Please do this as soon as possible because the pledges do affect the budget process. The Board of Trustees and Executive Council submit a proposed budget for 2017 to the congregation at the coming Annual Meeting, January 29th this year.  With the pledges that have been received so far, we are short on anticipated revenue. If we go into 2017 with a shortfall in anticipated revenue, many difficult decisions will have to be made by you, the congregation, when the budget is presented and voted on in the annual meeting, January 29th, 2017.
So if you have not turned in a pledge, please get a card from Patsy and turn in your pledge now.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Photo by Church Photographer, Cathy Karr

Thank you, Sharon Astle, Pledge Drive Chair