Hello Knitters/Sewers in the church,
Maybe you can pass this on to the people who might be interested, the women’s group or sewing/knitting groups. The patterns recommend a 4mm yarn or thinner because heavy yarn makes the baby look too tiny and it distresses some of the parents.

Evans Army/Community Hospital asked if we’d make them fetal demise blankets/pouches, baby blankets and tiny hats (larger than preemie hats and smaller than newborn hats). I’ve attached some patterns.  Fleece would work, too.

This hospital has a lot of babies who are born prematurely and the parents don’t yet have supplies/clothes for them. The babies average 6-7 lbs and regular baby clothes are too big.  They also have premature babies that only live a few hours or are born dead.  They like to be able to wrap the baby in a tiny blanket made especially for him/her.  They take a photo with the family.  I’m told this really helps with the parents grieving process because they have a memento of their child and a photo and blanket to keep.  When there aren’t blankets, the babies are placed on paper towelsA blanket gives dignity to the baby’s existence.

Here’s what one group said. 

“We are very grateful for any beautiful knitted or crocheted blankets donated for us to give to bereaved parents for their precious baby. We feel very blessed to have some wonderfully talented needle crafters who generously donate their time, skill and work so that we may provide these special items for families in need in our area. The fact that each piece of work is lovingly made by hand is so meaningful to our parents, it communicates that someone is caring, thoughtful and sending them love at such a heartbreaking time. Thank you.”

The fetal demise blankets can be made from any type of yarn.  They prefer pastels, whites or creams, but no blue or pink because some of the babies are so tiny the sex can’t be determined. Fleece or flannel works, too.  The baby blankets and hats can be any color, style or pattern.  The library will deliver them or I can give you the contact info if you want to deliver them.  I can print out the patterns at the library and deliver them if anyone is interested.

Thank you!

Susan Griswold

Information Specialist, Adult Services
Manitou Springs and Ute Pass Libraries
719-685–5206 Manitou Springs