Round Table Board Reports:

  • Pastor Jim and Membership: Three new members joined the CCC family:  Danny White, Matt Hinkley, and Lynda Burns with sponsors Rich Baker, Terry Rich and Linda Baker, respectively. Welcome to our faith community.
  • The “Welcome Team” is formed and beginning to greet each Sunday. Thank you Rev. Reid and Jane Hart.
  • Rev. Reid will be on vacation August 21 to Sept 3rd.
  • Transition Team: Maribeth, would like to share church demographics with anyone interested.
  • Stewardship: Discussion is starting. Linda O is looking into what other churches are using.
  • Westside CARES Liaison: WestSide CARES (WSC): CCC will buy 200(10 per package) packages of wide markers by August 2. The consensus is to purchase these and ask for donations to cover the cost. This is a project that has been supported by this church for many years, “Back To School Backpacks.”
    • Several CCC members attended WSC Steve Brown’s Retirement Reception, June 24. Steve announced that the WSC building is paid in full! Thank you to all and especially a big thank you going out to our church which contributed $2,000 each year for 3 years.
  • Trustees -Updates of the “Facilities Use and Rates” will soon be available from the Trustees.
  • Missions—Diapers and Men’s Underwear WSC Project are still needed for this project. Please bring items to Fellowship Hall and Missions will deliver to WSC. Thank you!
    • A donation plaque will be hung for the donated sound system.
  • Christian Education—Becky reports that Merkin Karr is leading Children’s Sunday School.  The last Sunday of each summer month is lead by Katherine Mosier. High 5 going out to Merkin and Katherine.

Unfinished Business

  1. The handheld fans were discussed and tabled due to our present financial status.
  2. Sue will email the financial pie chart depicting our financial status to the ExCo.  It will be addressed at the 2017 Midyear Status Review and Potluck, July 30.
  3. The Door Project was postponed until Jean and Arlene are present.

New Business

  1. Questions were raised about the tables and chairs being squished to north end of Fellowship Hall during the week. Much more inviting if adjacent to refreshment table to encourage meeting, welcoming, and fellowship.  The exercise group(s) will help with this idea.
  2. Cathy asked about CCC offering Fellowship Hall for inclement weather for the MS Summer Library Lawn Music on Tuesdays (with a CCC member/members to oversee the event), in the hopes of exposure of CCC to the community.  It was so moved, seconded and approved for Cathy to approach the Library.
  3. A question was raised about the Door Project, as a welcoming gesture, being interpreted as being a “sanctuary” church. It was reported that member Attorney Dan Stuart has stated that CCC should not to be a sanctuary church. After much discussion this item is closed.
  4. Julie Wells, Chair of CCC’s Search Committee, spoke regarding the search end getting closer!  A consensus needs to be reached; then, the next steps in the process will be addressed. Watch for quick notes on website weekly e-News and details arriving via an e-Blast on your email.

These notes are a summary of the general discussion and not approved until the next ExCo meeting which is August 20.