First of all, I offer my congratulations to the people of Community Church for calling the Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell to be the next past pastor. I believe God will be leading you into good and exciting times ahead.

The Executive Council, Pastor Gaye and I have worked out the following plan for transition to her leadership. Before these discussions took place, I already had a vacation scheduled for Monday, August 21, through Monday, September 4. Moderator Deb Bornholdt has arranged with the Rev. Crystal Karr to be the guest preacher on Sunday, August 27, and for a lay-led service on September 3. I will return to work on Tuesday, September 5, and my last Sunday will be September 10. Pastor Gaye is scheduled to start her ministry on Monday, September 11, and September 17 will be her first Sunday. She has asked that I work with her for a day or two the first week to help her get oriented to the church and community. I will do whatever I can to facilitate a smooth transition to her leadership. In the event of pastoral emergencies during my vacation, you may contact the Rev. Diane Martin, pastor of Church of the Wildwood in Green Mountain Falls (719-433-6616).

Blessings, Jim Reid, Interim Pastor