Dear Lord who is the source of life and giver of all gifts, open our hearts and touch our spirit. We ask that You join us in this time of thanksgiving and connect us to each other and our world.

This table is a small thing and all of life sits upon it, gifts of the land, sun and rain, soil and seed, fruits of the vine and grains of the earth, creatures of the wild and harvests of the field. The work of many hands, the warmth of many souls, all around this table life is before us and all are invited to join.

In the presence of You who makes us family, who wishes us peace: We ask blessings on all gathered here and all unable to join us at this table. We pray for those among us who feel pain, those who are without and those who grieve lost ones.

In our gratitude, we call You. In our joy, we love You and in our silence, we thank You.

We give thanks, Amen

Thanks to Rozella Friedrich for sharing this prayer.