Moderator, Deb Bornholdt, keep the meeting to 1 hour and no board reports were presented instead were written reports only.

Pastor Gaye’s report:

Digitizing of office is coming along.

By-laws review committee will start after holidays – this is Deb, Linda B, Linda O, Glenn, Gaye.

Gaye and Linda O met with Russ Vogel  (elementary school principal) re parking lot safety (kids running around).  Russ put a note in weekly newsletter to parents re this, saying if parents don’t supervise kids, they may lose access to our parking lot after school and for evening school events.  We have concerns re liability.  Russ suggested if things don’t improve, we block it off for a while.

Dream meetings were well received – some people wanted another one after holidays.

Christmas Eve service will be at 7:30 Sunday evening, December 24.  Had to move it a bit so Santa has time to bring Baby Jesus.  Thinking about having music between 7 and 7:30 for people who come early.

Kids corner (kids having Sunday school in area under choir loft instead of going to a separate classroom).  Some like it, some don’t.  Becky Rich doesn’t like it because there’s no real lesson, the kids just sit there and do little workbooks.  No opportunity for discussion, questions.

Trustee’s report – 16 people showed up for clean-up Saturday.  A lot of work was done.  Steve has a to-do list that he’d like to show congregation and have them prioritized, and a fund-raiser of some kind to tackle the most critical issues.

There is a new used freezer in office to be used for pantry. Thank you!

Ernie delivered 80 bags of carrots and 4 turkeys to WSC for their food baskets. Thank you all for the support.

Nominating committee – moderator (Deb Bornholdt), minister, 2 from exec, 1 from congregation at large (Jane Hart).  Will go over which boards need how many people, and round up volunteers.  Gaye would like to review boards as part of by-laws review.  Don’t know whether this will get done before annual meeting or not.

Women’s Fellowship (WF) Christmas Bazaar goals were met. Thank you all you participated.  WF Christmas Gathering will be December 10th, 2:00 – 4:00 at Pastor Gaye’s home.

Annual meeting will be January 28, 2018 after Worship Service.