Question: What do these 2 have in common?

The December 10th Coffee Fellowship and

the Missions Christmas Boxes for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation?

If you guessed that these two events will coincide this week, you are right!

As you know the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the poorest place in America based on geographical size. Each year we support (along with other caring neighbor faith organizations) an effort to collect donations AND wrap them for 30 adults at this reservation. With the leadership of Joanne Steeves, we collect and box and wrap 15 boxes for men and 15 boxes for women each year.

Photo by Jane Hart.

This year a special shout out to additional Missions Helpers: Betty Armstrong, Colleen Johnson, Jane Hart, and Nancy Lindley for the help they have offered to this church-wide effort.

The Pine Ridge Christmas Gift Donations will be a multi-generational effort this coming Sunday, December 10th, during Coffee Fellowship. This hearty group of “Missions Helpers” will have all items ready to be distributed into the boxes and then wrapped by able-bodied coffee fellowship attendees. Plan to see you there and thank you in advance for your support of this yearly special effort.

Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”