Executive Council – February 18, 2018. March Meeting is March 18, all are welcome.

The Moderator called the meeting to order, shared a devotion, and opened with prayer.

Those present were Deb Bornholdt, Julie Wells, Linda O’Riley, Maribeth Peiniger, Jean Gabardi, Mary Henson, Pastor Gaye Bosley-Mitchell, and Sue Jones.

Minister’s Report – Pastor Gaye discussed the upcoming RMC Annual Celebration scheduled for Thursday, June 7, through Saturday, June 9. She made a motion that the Church pay the extra $50 for any lay attendees from our church who wish to stay through Sunday, June 10, to participate in fellowship and spiritual planning/discussion with her.

Treasurer’s Report – In Rich’s absence, Sue Jones briefly discussed the current financials, stating that, due to routine quarterly payroll expenses, we are showing $2,500 to the negative. She also stated that CCC will probably have to tap funds from our Investment Fund soon.

Trustees’ Report – 1) Linda O’Riley spoke for the Board about Spring Cleanup Day to be held on Saturday, May 5th. Discussion ensued about having Mexican-themed food for participants since it is Cinco de Mayo.

2) Ann Rodgers-Shaw has offered the Front Porch Singers for a possible event to be held one evening in early summer on the front porch of the church. This would serve as a fundraiser and community event.


1) ExCo vacancy – Stewardship/Membership. There was discussion regarding the current organization of this Board and that it may be divided into two separate Boards again since it is difficult to find anyone who wants to take on both functions. Patsy said she would be willing to do Membership, which would leave Stewardship open. This matter was tabled until after the Bylaws are updated.

2) The Bylaws Group. Since the Bylaws group has not met, this matter was tabled.

3) Preservation of CCC’s historical documents. Jean Gabardi stated she will call the Pikes Peak Library District for further clarification/confirmation that microfiche is the best preservation method.


1) Connect Dinner will be in September this year. Volunteers and a new auctioneer are needed. Planning begins in April.

Board Reports

MissionsThe Annual Tea will be on April 14th. Details to follow. The Pancake Dinner scheduled for Fat Tuesday was cancelled due to another church in town doing same thing for free. We donated our food for the event to them. Summer garage sale is being replaced by “Peaches in August” fundraiser for Missions projects. Jane Hart to lead.

InvestmentsNo report

DiaconateNo report

MusicNo report

ScholarshipMarch 15th is the deadline for Scholarship applications and renewals. The Board will meet after April 15th and recipients will be notified about May 1.

Women’s FellowshipNo report

Christian EducationPastor Gaye and Deb discussed the results of their meeting (which also included Catherine Wilson, Chair of the CE Board). They passed around a children’s Bible which is part of the new curriculum they discussed during their meeting. The length of time for Sunday school will be increased.


1) Pastor Gaye mentioned that QuickBooks has been ordered and should be received soon.

2) Discussion on fees for weddings and funerals

3) Discussion on coordinating a historical walk of the three Manitou churches with the Historical Society.

4) Pancake dinner will be held at our church next year on Fat Tuesday.

Linda O closed the meeting with prayer.

CCC’s next meeting is March 18, 2018 and all are welcome.

Julie Wells

Executive Council Secretary