On Easter Sunday

my practice is to read the passages from at least two gospels, this year both Mark and John. In both gospel stories, women are at center stage and, for all intents and purposes, challenged to be the first messengers of the “great commission” to go and tell the world well before this message is given to Jesus’ male disciples. Though the women described in Mark’s Gospel are silent at first, I believe they eventually mustered the courage to tell the incredible story – the tomb is empty, and life begins again. 

The gospel accounts present two different perspectives on the resurrection, and they need not be harmonized as we often do with the Christmas stories. In contrast to the approach of many Christians today, the early church was comfortable with diverse witnesses to Jesus’ birth and resurrection. The differing stories are not a stumbling block to faith or veracity, but a reminder that resurrection is ultimately indescribable. Neither Jesus nor his resurrection can be encompassed by our theologies and rituals. Jesus comes to us in the most dire situations and rolls away the stone of hopelessness. 

Plan to join your family, friends, and neighbors for our Triumphant Easter Worship Experience at Congregational Community Church of Manitou Springs. I look forward to sharing with each of you the joy of our Resurrection Story!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Gaye