Mary Henson has graciously offered to conduct a flower arranging demonstration using  flowers from a wholesale florist.  If you are interested in the first of two demonstrations Mary will be offering, please contact Cathy Karr at to get your name on the list.  Mary can only handle 14 people at her home.  The cost will be $20 (which will all go to Women’s Fellowship’s treasurer).

Also bring your own scissors and a cylindrical vase that is no taller than ten inches. All will take home a terrific flower arrangement.

The second demonstration will involve arranging silk flowers at a later date.

Please also put the following dates on your calendar:

June 10 – Women’s Fellowship hosting coffee fellowship to kick off our fund raiser – pre-ordering boxes of Palisade Peaches (18-20#), approximate cost will be $35 a box.  We are waiting for a final quote from the Davis Family Farm.

June 6 – AM & PM quilting

July 10 – PM quilting

July 11 – AM quilting

July 21 – Women’s Fellowship Picnic and meeting at Linda O’Riley home at noon

July 31 – PM quilting

August 1 – AM quilting.