All Saints Sunday

For all the saints, who from their labors rest,
Who Thee by faith before the world confessed,
Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.
Alleluia, Alleluia!

Did you remember that Halloween is “All Hallowed Eve” before “All Saints Day” on November 1? And this year, it falls on a SUNDAY! If you have lost a friend or loved one during the last year, please let me know so that we can include them in our remembrances on All Saints Sunday, November 1 this year.

We gather on All Saints Sunday to celebrate the lives of persons we name as saints. Some of them are living, others have completed their physical lives here on earth. Some have touched us personally, others have touched and called into question the institutions and structures of our society. But all have shaken our being—all have been examples of lives and wholeness, working for justice. We celebrate these persons and their lives in all aspects of God’s creation!

Being the first Sunday of the month, our worship includes the sacrament of Holy Communion, which we will share both virtually and in-person (for those in the sanctuary). For those online, plan to gather some bread and drink for yourself and others in your family or household. Jan Hinkley will be preparing the elements (a roll with grapes) for those in the church sanctuary. God’s blessing spirit travels the digital universe, wherever God’s people are gathered.

Our worship this Sunday also provides the first opportunity for a handful of folks to join together again in our beloved sanctuary! If this is something you would like to do and feel safe to do during these COVID times, please make a reservation for worship. The health officials recommend that we only allow 50 persons to worship at one time, hence the need for making a reservation (we have 10 persons as part of the worship team, space for 35 worshippers, and 5 extra seats for whoever just shows up). Here’s a link to the “Eventbrite” software that allows you to make your reservation (or you can find the same link on our church’s Facebook page. Or call the church office and we will make a reservation for you.

And as has been our pattern since the middle of March, we will continue to live-stream our worship on the church’s Facebook page and (download the video) to our website. So, join us for worship, Re-gathered inside our Sanctuary or virtually through the internet!

One caveat: if El Paso County health officials place tighter COVID gathering restrictions on the county, we will NOT gather indoors (except the preacher and others on the worship team) and will try to email folks about this as it happens.

P.S. In addition to my working from home, now, both Glenn and I (he’s managing the church administration as a volunteer) are also in the church office several days during the week. If you would like to come by the church office for any reason, just call, text, or email me, and we can set up an appointment time for a visit or chat.

With Health & Wholeness,

Pastor Gaye

Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell