Join us TOMORROW, October 18 online or at Field’s Park! Our guest preacher on Sunday is Candace Woods, our Minister in Discernment, who will be preaching on the the story of Gideon found in the Book of Judges. Our whole worship team looks forward to worshipping together in the park. Our weather report has a cool front slipping through tonight, so keep an eye on Facebook, as we will try to announce there if it’s too chilly to be outdoors. Continue Reading

This week we will begin a journey together (either in person or via zoom) Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm utilizing scripture and other writings to learn to recognize White Privilege, and how to break down the systematic racism built into the most foundational aspects of our American culture! All the information can be found here.Continue Reading

This Sunday finds us expanding ourselves out a little as we attempt a re-gathering—with an outdoors worship service in Manitou Springs Fields Park. On this first Sunday of this seven-week worship series, Leading Causes of Life, I plan on introducing our theme and inviting us all to adjust our lenses to recognize life rather than focus on death—and that, during this pandemic, feels like is destroying us. Continue Reading

The first thing that bugs me about our Genesis story this week is that … God TESTED Abraham! Does God really do that? According to James, No!… but even Jesus was “tested” (wilderness, by Pharisees, Sadducees & Lawyers). Jesus tested the disciples, they repeatedly failed miserably, but Jesus just kept teaching. In reality the wordContinue Reading