The earliest Christians worshiped in their homes before they had churches, and so will we, until we can meet again in our sanctuaries. Because at the “heart of the matter,” we are connected through the Spirit that makes us one in love.Continue Reading

Yes, it is Holy Week, albeit a Holy Week like we’ve never experienced before! Thursday, tomorrow evening, at 6pm. We invite you to have some “comfort food/drink” (whatever that means to you) and share a time of remembering the last feast Jesus had with his friends and family. This will be utilizing ZOOM, so weContinue Reading

Sidewalk Squares of Love I think it would be a really cool thing to reach out to our community with loving, hopeful messages and pretty artwork (from every level of skill) to let them know that just because we aren’t having worship together that they are not far from our hearts!! To that end, we haveContinue Reading

Sunday’s bible reading (click here to read it) begins with scared disciples in a locked room. We can imagine them sweating profusely and can even see some occasionally checking the doorknob to see that it was locked. Other disciples might have been looking out of a peephole or a window because of the fact theyContinue Reading

All current and future church leaders are invited to participate in an exploratory session about Church Vitality. Our Rocky Mountain Conference of the UCC has begun inviting churches to thoroughly explore this exciting and intentional “look inward” to see how we can invigorate our “looking outward” and “forward to a vital future.” The Rev. ErinContinue Reading