This Sunday finds us expanding ourselves out a little as we attempt a re-gathering—with an outdoors worship service in Manitou Springs Fields Park. On this first Sunday of this seven-week worship series, Leading Causes of Life, I plan on introducing our theme and inviting us all to adjust our lenses to recognize life rather than focus on death—and that, during this pandemic, feels like is destroying us. Continue Reading

The first thing that bugs me about our Genesis story this week is that … God TESTED Abraham! Does God really do that? According to James, No!… but even Jesus was “tested” (wilderness, by Pharisees, Sadducees & Lawyers). Jesus tested the disciples, they repeatedly failed miserably, but Jesus just kept teaching. In reality the wordContinue Reading

The earliest Christians worshiped in their homes before they had churches, and so will we, until we can meet again in our sanctuaries. Because at the “heart of the matter,” we are connected through the Spirit that makes us one in love.Continue Reading