Join us for our Easter Sunday worship in the Park at 10am in the Fields Park of Manitou Springs (it’s the park just west of the tennis courts/skateboard park). Bring your blankets or lawn chairs and join your church friends and neighbors for our Easter Celebration. We still encourage folks to wear masks and followContinue Reading

We continue our Lenten “season of recovery” as we focus on health as essential to our spiritual lives.Those who collect beach glass often become “archeologists”–seeking out any markings or clues as to the story of the original piece. It often takes much time to bring out the truth behind it.  This week we acknowledge the powerContinue Reading

As we continue operating as a faith community under the restrictions of the COVID pandemic, our church communications become even more important and is something that all of us need to give our utmost attention to maintaining in the most feasible manner. There are four areas we all need to pay attention to. Can you help? Click to find out more.Continue Reading

Where are the stumps in our lives today that, seemingly dead and needing to be destroyed, are hopes for our future? In the midst of this pandemic and polarized place we live, is there still any hope? That, my friends, is the ultimate question, faith folks have been asking during Advent for hundreds of years. Join us on Sunday as we worship together and let’s see where God will take us…Continue Reading