Beginning the New Year with an Epiphany!

We begin our new year on Epiphany Sunday with the wise men who saw the star. They were given an epiphany, a revealing, an “aha!”—about who this child really was – not the son of a poor girl and her husband who couldn’t find a room in the inn, but the savior of the world.

Epiphany comes from the Greek and can be translated as “the light shines forth” or simply, “the light shines.” It refers to the manifestation of some light, which could be knowledge, or understanding, or even relationship. The magi (the wise men) as the symbol represent the world that comes to see something of significance in the baby in Bethlehem, even when many of those closest don’t see it.

Epiphany is about the revealing of the light to the world. Not all see it, of course; this is why Jesus frequently said, “let those who have ears to hear, hear.” Even we have moments where we aren’t so sure that we have seen that light. Yet, we who gather for worship have caught a glimpse of something, and we come to celebrate and to lean into that hope. What we have come to understand is that we are to be the light, so that others might see in us the light of Christ. We might, then, acknowledge the light we have seen in one another and give God thanks for that vision in the darkness.

Join us Sunday at 10am MT inside our sanctuary (with masks) or find us online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service. Our Bible readings are Matthew 2:1-12 and Ephesians 3:1-12 and you can download our worship details here, which is basically an expanded version of our worship bulletin–helpful for those who live-stream our worship. You can also download our actual worship bulletin here for those who want to see the real thing.

Here’s our Epiphany Call to Worship for this coming Sunday:

Who are you, Jesus?
It seems that people have always wanted to know

From the beginning when foreigners travelled great distances
just to see you,

To now when trying to answer this question
can lead to heated debate and even violent conflict.

Who are you, really?

There is no shortage of names for you –
Son of God, Messiah, Lord, Anointed One, Suffering Servant…

But each one feels like a doorway into greater mystery;
an invitation to dive into depths that are beyond our capacity to fathom.

We want to know you, Jesus
We want to touch something of the truth of who you are

and so even as we allow our minds to wrestle with ideas about you,

We open our hearts

that your radiant presence, may shine in, may change us,
and may draw us into an eternity of learning and loving
who you are.

Let us now worship the Three-In-One,
who we may never fully comprehend.