• Thy Kingdom Come
    As we continue our worship series about the Lord’s Prayer, I’m reminded of what one of my favorite preachers once wrote in a book about prayer: citing several funny stories. Sometimes what the children heard as they were learning the prayer, wasn’t what their parents intended to teach. A three-year-old recited the prayer in thisContinue Reading
  • Beginning the New Year with an Epiphany!
    We begin our new year on Epiphany Sunday with the wise men who saw the star. They were given an epiphany, a revealing, an “aha!”—about who this child really was – not the son of a poor girl and her husband who couldn’t find a room in the inn, but the savior of the world.Continue Reading
  • Christmas Eve Worship at 7pm
    Join us inside our church sanctuary for Christmas Eve worship with a concert beginning at 7pm and our candlelight worship beginning at 7:30pm. Please wear masks. O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see you lie!Above your deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by;Yet in your dark streets shines forth the everlastingContinue Reading
  • Advent highlights the Peace
    Here’s our Advent Prayer for this coming Sunday: Ah Holy One, in this season of Advent,we wait for you to break into our worlds, unexpectedly.Help us to stay awake, to be aware, to hope against hope.We pray for your peace in this worldwhen You will settle things fairly between nations, and make things right betweenContinue Reading
  • Caroling and Storytelling
    Plan to join us on Saturday, December 18 at 1pm on our church west lawn (on Pawnee Avenue) for a time of singing Christmas Carols. Folks are excited as this was something that many people missed last year at the height of the pandemic. Plan to bring your lawn chairs. Danny White has several storiesContinue Reading
  • Our Advent Worship Highlights the JOY
    To discover the story of the pink candle, we first have to look at the origins of the season and the wreath. Until Advent was instituted toward the end of the fifth century, the only season Christians observed was Lent. As preparation for Christmas, the Church established Advent in the spirit of Lent–as a seasonContinue Reading
  • Sunday is our introduction to the little town of Bethlehem
    Advent is about the joy of longing for home – the kind of home that will complete us, the kind of home that will transform the world. It is about helping us remember that we have a mission and a hope. We are people who see God at work in this world, and we areContinue Reading
  • Our worship this coming Sunday introduces us to John the Baptist through the song of Zechariah on this Third Sunday of Advent
    For Luke’s audience, the presence of war, the destruction of the temple and the daily indignities of living under occupied rule did not feel as if the promises of God had been fulfilled. Yet, Zechariah’s song announces that God is trustworthy, and the promises of God will be fulfilled. That the fulfillment is coming isContinue Reading
  • All Hallowed Eve or All Saints’ Day?
    In today’s culture, Halloween is second only to Christmas with decorations and parties. This year, with Halloween on Sunday, churches across the country have struggled with when are we recognizing “All Saints’ Day” and “All Hallowed Eve.” We have opted to fully embrace All Hallowed Eve as our All Saints Day. Here’s some background informationContinue Reading
  • Open and Affirming Webinars
    Webinars on becoming anOpen and Affirming Congregation As our congregation explores the opportunity and feasibility of becoming an “Open and Affirming” congregation within the UCC, these online webinars would be valuable resources for our examining these issues. We have purchased a congregational “season pass” for our participation. You can watch these webinars at home, orContinue Reading
  • Pet Blessing Sunday on the church lawn
    Many churches offer a “Blessing of the Animals” service on and around the Feast Day of St Francis, (October 4). It may seem surprising that animals can be blessed, but in the same way that we say “God bless you” when someone sneezes, when we say Grace before meals to bless our food, we canContinue Reading
  • Breathe and Push through my grief….
    As we continue exploring “See No Stranger” our author, Valarie Kaur writes in chapter 8 titled “push.” “When I was finally ready to love myself, I had to learn how to breathe and push through my grief, rage, and trauma. On the other side, I found what seemed utterly impossible before: healing, forgiveness, and evenContinue Reading
  • Reimagine our world under Revolutionary Love!
    As we continue exploring “See No Stranger” our author, Valarie Kaur writes in chapter 6 titled “reimagine.” “… the longer I spent listening to the stories of marginalized people, tending to their wounds, the more I heard a deeper longing–for a future where we were all safe and secure in our bodies, free to pursueContinue Reading
  • Breathe.
    As we continue exploring “See No Stranger” our author, Valarie Kaur writes in chapter 7 titled “breathe.” “I have been made to believe that overwork was the only way to make a difference. I had come to measure my sense of worth by how much I produced, how well I responded, and how quickly. IContinue Reading
  • Encountering the Stranger
    Candace Woods, our guest preacher and pastor for the month of August writes: As a part of our Revolutionary Love series this August, you’re invited to help us decorate the altar with mementos/symbols of moments where you had an encounter with a stranger or with love that left you changed. Do you have a souvenirContinue Reading
  • Come study Revolutionary Love with us, Wednesdays at 6pm MT!
    Valarie Kaur was our keynote speaker at our Rocky Mountain UCC Annual Celebration and will be one of the keynote speakers at our United Church of Christ General Synod this July. Her work is not only revolutionary but speaks to the heart of Jesus’ teachings with a focus on radical love that encompasses others, ourContinue Reading
  • We often wonder where is God? Samuel does too!
    Our scripture reading for this coming Sunday is 1 Samuel 3. There must have been days when the young Samuel wondered what his mother had gotten him into. He had spent virtually his whole childhood assisting in the temple at Shiloh, training to become a full-time servant of God, loyally waiting on the priestly familyContinue Reading
  • Pentecost Sunday – May 23
    Ezekiel has a vision of a valley full of bones receiving life breath, sinew, and flesh after encountering the word of God. When they arise, they receive Spirit and they dance! As Easter people we celebrate the Spirit that continues to give life and breath to our dry bones. We dare to dance in theContinue Reading
  • Ascension Sunday, May 16
    Our scripture readings for this coming Sunday are found in Psalms 47:1-6 and in Luke 24:44-53. As Jesus prepares to leave the disciples, he opens their minds and blesses them. The result after he ascends is their return to Jerusalem with great joy and a desire for continually worshiping and blessing God in the temple.  What happens when theContinue Reading
  • Join us for worship on May 9 “in-side” or on Facebook….
    We are worshiping in-person inside our Sanctuary. We will also be live-streaming from the church sanctuary this week, so join us on Facebook on Sunday at 10 am (and then later our worship can be found on our church’s website). A printout [Click Here] of our worship details can be seen on our church’s websiteContinue Reading