Church Boards:
Board of Christian Education
Board of Missions
Board of Music
Board of Trustees
Membership Board
Memorial Board
Scholarship Board
Stewardship Board
Worship Support Board

Other Programs:
Food Pantry
Great Lakes Scrip Program
WestSide CARES
Women’s Fellowship

Annual Reports:
Annual Meeting Report
Moderator’s Report
Minister’s Report
Trustees Report
Pastor-Parish Relations Committee

Constitution and Bylaws:
Constitution and Bylaws
(as revised & approved by congregation in 2019)

Our 2022 Church Officers:

Moderator: Maribeth Peiniger
Vice-Moderator: Lyn Ettinger-Harwell
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Andy Kovats

2022 Board Chairs:
Christian Education Board Chair – vacant
Mission Board Chair – Danny White
Memorial Board Chair – vacant
Membership Team – Betty Armstrong, Robyn Firth, Laura Ettinger-Harwell
Music Board Chair – vacant
Scholarship Board Chair – Linda O’Riley
Stewardship Board Chair – vacant
Trustees Board Chair – Tina Hudson
Worship Support Chair – Jan Hinkley/Nancy Lindley
Women’s Fellowship – Cathy Karr

2022 Trustees Board Members:

Tina Hudson, Chair of Trustees
Rich Baker
Laura Ettinger-Harwell
Darold Jones
Linda O’Riley
Julie Wells
George Whitt