The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the church and the church office. Our major priorities are infrastructure repair, infrastructure protection, and budgeting. For more information on the Board of Trustees, contact Board Chair Tina Hudson.

2021 Trustees Board Members:
Tina Hudson, Chair
Betty Armstrong
Julie Wells
Matt Hinkley
George Whitt
Rich Baker
Darold Jones

Board of Trustees Annual Report  ~  2020

We did not have much to do this year as the church has been closed for most of the year. Since we could not have our normal Spring Cleanup, we sent detailed list of small tasks that need to be done outside the church. We approved the purchase of a new refrigerator when the one in the office died. In the fall we did an actual outside clean up with the help of the Boy Scouts. We also approved new software that the church office will be using to update the congregation information.

Hoping for a much better 2021.

Respectfully Submitted
Tina Hudson,
Board of Trustees Chairperson

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