Christian Education Annual Report 2014

Dear Community Congregational Church Congregation,

In November of 2013, I took over the education director position. Over the past three months, I have observed that there are three primary objectives at Community Congregational Church in regards to its children’s ministry: Sunday school curriculum; youth group oversight; and summer programming (facilitating summer camps and Vacation Bible School-VBS).

The current curriculum that we use is “Season’s of the Spirit”. “Season’s of the Spirit”, draws on the, “Revised Common Lectionary’. It provides scripture, activities and crafts related to the content and the liturgical calendar. In addition, Reverend Dave has maintained a regular dialogue about Sunday school lessons and how they can connect to both the message and needs of the congregation.
Youth group oversight has been a work in progress. Students seem to maintain an avid interest in learning details not only about scriptures and denomination but also about determining their own religious/spiritual pathway. After an initial survey, we have focused our efforts in developing our understanding of scripture and God to better confront our worries and fears. The youth group plans on hosting services in August of this summer, as well as participating in MADD /Voyager camp, and finally guiding our June VBS.
The final component of our youth ministries is Vacation Bible School. We have set dates, starting Monday, June 19th and concluding Friday, June 23. Youth group members are currently discussing themes as well as brainstorming our final outcome for VBS participants.
My goal is for our youth to develop their relationship and understanding of God while finding their way on their journey as well as to know that God is not only speaking to them but also listening. Our young people live in a time filled with technology and resources that ironically create more separation and distance among their peers as well as their God.

Jessica VandeVusse

Editor’s Note: A very successful Vacation Bible School was held at our church July 14-18, 2014 with the western theme: “Pioneer’s of the Faithful”! Everyone had a great time. It was 9:30-11:30 a.m. and culminated with a BBQ lunch at church following the service on Sunday. Thank you to Cindy Crumb for organizing and to all those who volunteered time, talent, goodies, etc.