We have been missing our kiddos, but we are always thinking about you! Robyn is going to share one of her favorite children’s books each week ONLINE so that we can feel a little closer together during this time of physical separation. Check it out:

Reading with Robyn: “Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions”

Reading with Robyn: “When God Made You”

Reading with Robyn: “I Am”

Christian Education Team Report  ~  2020

2020 sure was a tumultuous time for the Christian Education Board!

We began the year with great plans to continue the Children’s Handbell Choir (after a BIG success at the 2019 Christmas Eve service performance) as well as host the second annual Community Easter Egg Hunt, and we were already starting to plan for Vacation Bible School.

Then came COVID.

The focus of the Board became to keep everyone safe and healthy which unfortunately halted all the plans for these fun events. I decided to begin a weekly “Reading with Robyn” on Facebook to keep the kids in our community connected and most videos reached over 300 views each!

I have also updated the Children’s Library within the Sunday School classroom to include even more enriching and inclusive stories and teachings. I made sure to include a group reading each week we had kids attend Sunday School.

The supplies for the planning and implementation of the Knights of White Castle Vacation Bible School have been purchased and would be ready to go if a 2021 VBS is attempted.

I also wanted to include some of my own thoughts as Board Chair for the direction of this Board. Over the past year, I have realized that most of our worshipping congregation are NOT families with small children. In fact, I would also say that all of us need additional continuing Christian Education!

Therefore, I strongly recommend that the next Board Chair and membership consider shifting the focus of this Board to one that supports continuing Christian Education for ALL and not just the small number of kids we may see back in church on Sundays. The growth of this church may well come from other sources (single folks, those partnered/married without kids, millennials returning to the church after a long separation, etc.), not necessarily from children.

Respectfully submitted,

Robyn Firth, Christian Education Chair


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