Is it a new kind of dragon? Is it an angle I should have learned in geometry class? No, Diaconate is a Board of the church, charged with the responsibility of assisting the pastor to prepare Sunday service. Some of these responsibilities include distributing the Order of Worship, greeting worshipers, and collecting the offering. These are such easy duties that are so essential to our church. Although many wonderful people have offered to assist with these Sunday tasks, we are in need of additional help. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and serve your church. As Congregationalists, we believe that every member is responsible for the leadership of our church. The very simple act of ushering helps you and your church.

Previously, only members of the Diaconate committee served as ushers. In order to share responsibilities amongst the entire congregation, we are asking each member to usher once or twice a year. The Diaconate will continue to serve the Communion Services. A commitment of ushering two Sundays is small. Your service to the church is huge.

A sign-up sheet is available in Fellowship Hall. If you have questions, please call Maribeth Peiniger (465-4042) or Marcie Nordlund (685-2349). Welcome!


Thank you to all the wonderful souls that have faithfully volunteered to light candles, manage the fans and lights, assist with offering collection, serving communion, tidying the sanctuary after service and most importantly meeting and greeting all those who come to worship with loving and smiling faces.

Those serving on behalf of the Diaconate Board in 2014 were:
Ernie Adams, Linda Baker, Cindy Crumb, Cole Crumb, Corinne Elliott, Brad Gibson, Sharon Haas, Jan Hinkley, Brenda Hunting, Donna Jones, Nancy Lindley, Anne Maestas, Susie Matejcek, Nancy McCann, Christy McDonald, Miles McDonald, Hope Mena, Marcie Nordlund, Linda O’RiIey, Maribeth Peiniger, Cindy Rose, Alice Marie Thomas, Linda Tripp, Sherrie Watson & Terri Risius.

It is such a blessing to see the pews of our special sanctuary filled every Sunday. On behalf of the entire Diaconate — we are thrilled with the beautiful new carpet which is no longer a safety hazard!! If anyone needs any other special assistance during or after services, please see one of ushers and they will do their best to help. I love to watch the exchange of greetings, laughter, tears and hugs between worshipers. The friendships sparked, the joys and cares shared amongst the congregation and our common love for Christ are truly infectious.

There is always an open invitation to serve on the Diaconate. It is a wonderful way to get to know the other members of our congregation and requires very little time commitment other than Sunday morning services! If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to introduce yourself to me before or after Sunday Worship Service.

Blessings to all of you in 2015!
Respectfully Submitted,
Terri Risius,
Diaconate Chairperson

To be the greatest, be a servant. Matthew 23:11