Our emergency food pantry operates every Friday afternoon from p.m. Clients are referred to our pantry from Westside CARES (WSC) or Reach Pikes Peak (formerly the Billie Spielman Center) This valuable service, provided by our church to the Westside community, has run successfully since 1982.

Thank you to our faithfully committed pantry volunteers who took turns on Friday this past year to fill emergency food orders for our client-families: Joan Hunting, Arlene Penman, Trish Cass, Joyce Woolston, Susan Nygren, Corinne Elliott, Linda O’Riley, Becky Rich. Jane & Steve Hart, Nancy Lindley & Marlene Willie, are “on call.” At least 400 volunteer hours have been attributed to “pantry” this year. We can always use more people who could fill in, in a “pinch” — please give your name to Patsy Adams in the church office to be added to the “Call If Needed” list. In addition to their food pantry duties, volunteers expertly fold the Sunday Order of Worship.

Nancy Lindley & Patsy Adams have purchased groceries & stocked during the year, with some help from the Thursday morning exercise class- we thank them! Please check the permanent board posted near the church kitchen with the needs.” The special “Souper Bowl of Caring” offering on Super Bowl Sunday stayed in our local food pantry as petty cash.

Last, but not least, thank you to the people who faithfully bring food either to church on Sunday mornings or to the Church office during the week. Also appreciated are the monetary gifts from our church members & friends in the community, the Manitou Springs Kiwanis Club and the church’s Mission Board. Please keep our pantry in mind when you shop at stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco — we can always use bulk items like spaghetti noodles, canned fruits, tuna, tooth paste, deodorant, toilet tissue, Kleenex and diapers.

Our statistics for 2014: 157 families served (343 adults and 123 children); 2013: 102 families served (221 adults & 67 children); 2012: 133 families served (345 adults and 103 children). .. previous year’s figures follow for comparison: 2011: 150 families served (396 adults and 126 children), 2010: 121 families were served (328 adults and 121 children) 2009: 161 families were served (433 adults and 152 children). 2008: 171 families were served (447 adults and 161 children). 2007: 153 families were served (345 adults and 130 children). 2006: 144 families were served (358 adults and 144 children). 2005: 142 families were served (357 adults and 107 children).

Thank you and God bless!
Patsy Adams, Church Secretary, on behalf of the Food Panty Volunteers