Greetings All!

I have received a list of all the memorial/funeral services held at the church in 2014. I will be taking the list, along with the appropriate wooden plaque that is downstairs, to the engraver to be engraved and mounted. Rich Baker gave me a small memorial that he found while working on the sanctuary carpet project. It was one that stated the pews and (previous) carpet had been donated in remembrance of Frank Smith by his wife, Salome Smith. I will have that one reworded to include the pews, since we have since replaced the carpet. Rich will find an appropriate place to mount this refurbished memorial. Hopefully, all of this can be accomplished in this first quarter of the new year.

Corrine Elliot has agreed to come onto the Memorial Board and serve for a two year term. Arlene Penman will also remain on the board. Pat Bradley will be going off the board and we thank her for her service.

One family has left a monetary donation to the church in remembrance of a loved one. I sent a thank you letter to that family from all of us at the church.

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Bornholdt
Chair, Memorial Board