The Worship Support Board is a board of the church, charged with the responsibility of assisting the pastor to prepare Sunday service. Some of these responsibilities include distributing the Order of Worship, greeting worshipers, and collecting the offering. Although many wonderful people have offered to assist with these Sunday tasks, we are in need of additional help. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and serve your church. As Congregationalists, we believe that every member is responsible for the leadership of our church. The very simple act of ushering helps you and your church.

Worship Support (Diaconate) Team Report ~ 2020

During February and early March while the congregation was meeting in the sanctuary, things went along very smoothly with a large number of volunteers including youth and children who stepped up to help with greeting, ushering, candles, and other duties.  These included:

Pam Smith, Maribeth Peiniger, Evelyn and Maddi Vann and Lexi,
George Whitt, Charlynann Iuppa, Matt Hinkley, Roberta and Bill Denmark, Marlene Willie, Arlene Penman, Coira and Breielle Fleming,
 and Rachel and Joshua Alexander.

Then during the summer when worship was held at Fields Park, a very faithful Worship Team were there every Sunday to get things organized, setting up tables and seating, taking temperatures, preparing communion, doing whatever tasks were needed.  This Team included:

Tina Hudson, Lyn and Laura Ettinger-Harwell, Robyn Firth,
Maribeth Peiniger, Danny White, Stevie Astley, Tim & Nakoa Edwin,
Greg & Sherri Ramsay, Rev. Glenn, and others, along with Pastor Gaye.

There were others, too, when it was thought that we could return to the sanctuary, who worked on how we could safely do that.

Many heartfelt thanks go to everyone who played a part in these activities. 

Prayers for our safe return to “normal” very soon.

Jan Hinkley,
Worship Support Chair

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