Community Congregational Church Trustees Annual Report

The 2014 Trustees Board Members: Steve Hart, Larry Matejcek, Russ Grossman, Lovena Porter, Joel Karr, Brad Gibson, Catherine Wilson.

Board of Trustees voted to make the Church Infrastructure a priority, and after an evaluation of the major components of the infrastructure it was decided the two most important items that needed attention were the parking lot and carpet. The parking lot needed a seal coat which was completed in April. Discussion concerning fixing or replacing carpet began. Several groups and members of the Church decided that replacing the carpet would be in the best interest of the church’s future. Bids were requested, and three bids were received w one selected. Installation of the carpet would begin in late December or January 2015.
Maintenance of the water heater valve required replacement, the refrigerator located in Fellowship hall was cleaned, motor in furnace was replaced, and holes in the roof were repaired to keep the squirrels from making a new home.

We experienced water damage in the lower floor of community hall, as a result of one of the major rain storms during the summer, requiring a change how over flow water from the roof could flow to the water drain located near the west entrance of community hall.

Trustees investigated complaints ranging from the movement of parking stops to hot water in the outside faucet. After further investigation, it was found that the residual water in the garden hose was preheated by the sun resulting in hot water being sprayed. All reports were corrected, or to be unfounded.
Trustees worked on 2015 budget, which required several hours to complete. A slight increase was made as result of anticipated increase in utilities and insurance. One issue that concerned the board was the storm drainage vote, had it passed the church may have seen a significant increase in costs.

Trustees continue to find ways to reduce costs by identifying those in the congregation who have skills and are willing to help complete projects around the church. Continued work on the Web page is required, to assist the different committees to be able to communicate with the congregation.

The trustees would like to thank those in the congregation who helped with different projects throughout the year.

Yours in Christ,
Steve Hart; Trustee Chair