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NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS Nov. 3  –  Miles McDonald, Patsy Adams Nov. 4  –  Nathan Titcomb, Catherine Wilson Nov. 6  –  Terri Cassidy Nov. 12  –  Jan Phillips, Nancy McCann Nov. 13  –  Tahoe Dennis, Shawn Penman Nov. 19  –  Hope Mena Nov. 21  –  Tim Lambert, Charles Sabin, Daniel Rodgers Nov. 22  –  Madison Vann Nov. […]

“George, never place a period where God places a comma.”

by Manitou Church

New UCC logo reflects, complements our Purpose, Vision, Mission Statements The new logo’s design and colors are intended to complement the graphic representation of “A Just World for All,” developed to illustrate new Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements adopted by the national setting of the church last fall. The new logo retains an updated version of the […]

Installation: Our Historical Milestone!

by Manitou Church

Well, after nearly 25 years since our last installation of a new minister, we installed Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell on October 8, 2017 at 3 p.m.! It was a momentous occasion and the ceremony was beautiful! Additionally, we welcomed Gaye and her husband, Rev. Dr. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell, as the newest members of the Community Congregational Church (CCC) of […]

The Hanger: Store For Foster Teens

by Manitou Church

Donations Can Be Dropped at: CASA Office, 701 S Cascade The Hanger, Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm, 214 N Tejon The Hanger is a store exclusively for foster teens, where they can “shop” for clothes ~ free! Besides being able to select outfits, shoes, accessories, and health and beauty items, teens can volunteer to “work” at […]

Will Hinkley’s Prayer

by Manitou Church

October 11th Prayer Thank you Will! At the Sunday Worship service of Song and Scriptures, October 11th, Will Hinkley was asked to lead the congregation in prayer. The following is the printed message. Today, as we gather for worship as a Christian Congregation, we are acutely aware that we do not have a senior minister […]