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Historical Tidbit: Late 1800’s

by Manitou Church

  1895-1901: Entry regarding the Missionary Tea, date not exact, “Of course everything was a sixes and seven’s*. They had to put up with canned tongue and the etcetera’s which held out.” Be sure to call the church office for your last minute tickets for the Mission Board Annual Tea event, this Saturday, May 20th. […]

Historical Tidbit: Parsonage aka the Church Office

by Manitou Church

The original parsonage was built in 1883-1885 and was replaced in 1900. This original parsonage was moved behind the church, used as a rental, and later became part of the Fellowship Hall. The new parsonage named “Community House” was built as an 8-room frame construction during the pastorate of a Methodist minister, Rev. Frances Hayes […]

Scholarship Update: Dr. Abby Nimz

by Administrator 1

Dear Scholarship Board, I am writing this letter from my new house in California. Last week I graduated from medical school and I will be starting my family medicine residency tomorrow. I could not be more excited (although, I admit a little nervous to be an actual doctor).  The past few days have been a […]

Historical Tidbit: “I ring for God, home and native land”

by Manitou Church

It was 1888 and time to add a bell… The belfry was added atop the entrance and a bell installed in 1888. The bell was brought over the prairie in a Conestoga wagon from the Maryland McShane Bell Foundry (Glen Burnie, Maryland, established: 1856), trademark 1888, bell number 705, and bears the inscription, “I ring […]

Historical Tidbit

by Manitou Church

Congregational News, Colorado Springs, September 1880 The new stone church was occupied August 15th. The building is not plastered but it will be comfortable for the winter. Nothing can exceed the heart of the mountain view from the door and front window. The seats are a little mixed in style. There are pews, stained and […]

Scholarship Note from Merkin Karr

by Manitou Church

Dear Scholarship Board, My sophomore year I loved being an RA. I lived in Cooper and was the hall RA for 47 freshmen. As an RA I won Top 5 Program at the regional RA conference “RAppin” where RAs from Wyoming to New Mexico come and preset different ideas and put on workshops. Mine was about […]

The Osburn Gift

by Manitou Church

Many of you have noticed the large black and white picture of Christ hanging beside the downstairs elevator. Even more mysterious, a magnifying glass hangs next to it. Here is the historical background of this amazing picture. Many thanks to the Nancy Osburn Family for this wonderful, loving gift. In 1944, Mr. Gwang Hyak Ree, […]

The Hanger: Store For Foster Teens

by Manitou Church

Donations Can Be Dropped at: CASA Office, 701 S Cascade The Hanger, Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm, 214 N Tejon The Hanger is a store exclusively for foster teens, where they can “shop” for clothes ~ free! Besides being able to select outfits, shoes, accessories, and health and beauty items, teens can volunteer to “work” at […]

A Pilgrim’s Progress

by Manitou Church

“When I get to be 25, I’ll finally be through with school.”   by Rhoda Cordry I was 22 and graduated from college. I began to suspect how ignorant I was. What was all that schooling for anyway? I was told that the education was the goal. At 35 I began to see other worlds […]