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Historical Sketch

by Manitou UCC

June 21, 1981: Sunday order of worship, Community Congregational Church. “In the year 1877, Rev. R. T. Cross, Pastor of the Congregational Church a Colorado Springs, began preaching also at Manitou, Holding services on Sabbath afternoon in the school house on Ute Avenue. During the two years that followed several persons from Manitou were received […]

Historical Document Preservation.

by Manitou UCC

 The Community Congregational Church has many historical documents that need to be preserved. Jean Gabardi has volunteered to get this project started. She estimates the start up cost to be close to $300.00. Besides needing archival plastic enclosures, we will need acid-free archival boxes. All the items will need to be scanned, categorized and then digitized. […]

Preserving Our History

by Manitou UCC

Documents dating back to the beginnings of our church. Our collection of documents have been looked at by many and are the worse for wear. Additionally, many of us might have various documents dating WAY BACK that we have kept and filed for a “later day.” That day has come. At Executive Council it was […]