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Note from Scholarship Recipient: Phillip Reid

by Manitou Church

To the Members of the Frank E. and Salome B. Smith Scholarship Committee, I hope this finds you all in good spirits and enjoying a beautiful Colorado summer! While living in San Francisco these past couple of months, I have grown very homesick for the mountains and that refreshing alpine air. Luckily, I have the […]

Scholarship Letter: Nick Brennan

by Manitou Church

To the Frank B. and Salome E. Scholarship Board, I would like to thank you, again, for helping me achieve my dreams with your generous scholarship contributing to my education. I absolutely could not be doing what I am doing without you! I hope all is well with you, as I am doing very well […]

Scholarship Update: Dr. Abby Nimz

by Administrator 1

Dear Scholarship Board, I am writing this letter from my new house in California. Last week I graduated from medical school and I will be starting my family medicine residency tomorrow. I could not be more excited (although, I admit a little nervous to be an actual doctor).  The past few days have been a […]