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“Elephant in the Pew” Sermon Series starts Sunday, October 14

by Manitou UCC

Has there ever been something you wanted to know about your faith, but were afraid to ask? Well, this is your chance to ask tough questions about the Bible, church, ethics, or life and get an honest and personal answer back from Pastor Gaye. Maybe it’s a topic or issue that we tend to sweep […]

Migrant bags are on their way!

by Manitou UCC

MIGRANT BAGS ARE ON THEIR WAY! Thank you so much to everyone who brought items to church to fill the 20 bags going to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado to give the migrant farm workers items like towels, wash clothes, toothbrushes/paste, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, chapstick, socks, bandanas, caps/hats, work gloves, long sleeved shirts […]

Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs: Final Product.

by Manitou UCC

The members of the Transition Team are very pleased with your responses to Interim Pastor Reid’s sermon presentations on the values and beliefs, the discussion sessions following sermons, and the working session that many of you attended. Thank you for all your helpful input, fine-tuning, and creative thinking. Below you will read the finished product of these efforts. Thank you to all. This […]

Our UCC History

by Manitou UCC

La Amistad: Schooner On the first floor of the UCC Denomination’s headquarters building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, you will find the Amistad Chapel, named after La Amistad, the schooner that held an uprising at sea of slaves bound for Cuba in 1839. There was a subsequent trial that led to all the slaves on board […]