Climbing and Climbing and Climbing …

As we continue our look at what it means to release oppressive expectations about perfection in our lives and in our faith, this week we turn to a harmful idea that the prescription for our fear of failure is to simply work harder. As the book Good Enough reminds us, “We might feel we are climbing an ‘endless staircase’ of achievement, for high grades or success…[in] caregiving, work, or social pressure.” This Lent, we are taking some time to stop climbing ladders and staircases, to tend our souls slowly and lovingly, tilling the soil and fertilizer, and embracing our holy, “good enough,” lives. 

A Blessing for Slowing Down

“…blessed are we who stop—okay, maybe not stop entirely, 
who are we kidding—but who slow down.
We who discover rest and new life and renewal 
when we step off the treadmill (or at least turn it down). 
We who remember that the world keeps spinning without us. 
And thank God for that. 
We who remember we are loved, loved, loved. Just being us.”