Creation Spirituality

During these Sundays between Easter and Pentecost, we are embarking on a 6-week worship journey into an exploration of Creation Spirituality—a theology that affirms God’s declaration that creation is “supremely good” (Common English Bible (CEB) translation) and that we are called to be that goodness in and for the world. I have learned of a church in Asheville, NC called “Jubilee” and they have developed this Creation Spirituality movement and theology. Alongside the traditional liturgical year that we use in our worship design, they celebrate a cycle of four paths relating to our experience with God. We will be emphasizing these four paths each week in our post-Easter worship.

“Thoughtful observers agree that the planetary crisis we now face—climate change; species extinction; the destruction of entire ecosystems; the urgent need for a more just economic-political order—is pushing human civilization to a radical turning point: change or perish. But precisely how to change remains an open question.”

Earth Honoring Faith written by Larry L. Rasmussen.

Our exploration of Creation Spirituality may lead us into some thoughtful change opportunities as we consider how we might begin to answer that open question. It also dovetails quite nicely with our after-worship discussion and study: “ProFuture Faith” which happens in our study area just outside the sanctuary (beginning about 11:15am). It’s not too late to join this discussion.

And I invite you to our Sunday worship of Creation Spirituality during these weeks of Spring in the Rockies!