Doubting Thomas–When Christ Shows Up!

Sunday’s bible reading (click here to read it) begins with scared disciples in a locked room. We can imagine them sweating profusely and can even see some occasionally checking the doorknob to see that it was locked. Other disciples might have been looking out of a peephole or a window because of the fact they were now fugitives because their beloved leader, Jesus, has been executed to death on the cross by the means of crucifixion. The disciples fear the Roman and religious authorities that murdered Jesus would possibly murder them for being associated with this radical, itinerant preacher from Galilee. Their messianic hopes have dissolved into mere survival, coupled by utter confusion and calamity. But John, the gospel-writer, records that Mary reports to them that she has seen the risen Christ. I am sure they thought she was delusional to have witnessed Jesus. In John the 20th chapter, around verse nineteen, something happens when Christ shows up to them.

Here’s how we will begin worship on Sunday; join us and find out what happens when Christ shows up:

We come to worship an astounding God!
Who sends among us the One who was crucified, dead and buried.
            He comes now as a living Lord, defying our locked doors,
            banishing our fears, greeting us with peace,
            and overwhelming us with awe and wondering love.

We celebrate the doubters and questioners among us,
            who simply keep our faith real,
            who demand that we live our believing
            into faith that works towards justice and peace,
            and making sure that the hungry are nourished and loved. 

We celebrate the saints among us,
            whose courageous faith flies without a safety net,
            reminding us that true discipleship is risky and radical
            in the face of a world held hostage by greed, 
            love of power, and denial.

We are God’s Easter people!
Doubters, saints, sinners, questioners, spiritual and religious,
who skip, run, and stumble on the journey.
            We pray that whoever we are this journey,
            that God might open our ears and eyes
            to God’s call, to be God’s love, where ever we are.