Flip Ur Lids!

Your Lids for Children Cancer Treatments!

This is a cancer treatment fundraiser for children in Mexico. Our own Nancy Lindley is a  sun-bird to this area of Mexico and a strong supporter of this valuable project.

All plastic lids (mayonnaise, margarine, water and soda bottles, milk jugs tops, etc.) are welcome and it would be great if the lids are rinsed. The box is in Community Hall.

Nancy reports that last year with this program alone 365 children were given free cancer treatments. This program works!

Nancy would like to return to Mexico this coming winter with a car load of plastic lids to support these children. Please help by “recycling your plastic lids for the kids.”

Thanks for your plastic lids for kids.

Photo here by J Gabardi…and P.S. Her lid is NOT plastic! LOL