Historical Tidbit

Congregational News, Colorado Springs, September 1880: The new stone church was occupied August 15th. The building is not plastered but it will be comfortable for the winter. Nothing can exceed the heart of the mountain view from the door and front window. The seats are a little mixed in style. There are pews, stained and unstained, benches, cane chairs, black, brown, and yellow wooden chairs, borrowed, donated, made and purchased, at a total amount of $10.50. At least one hundred and fifty can be seated. Thanks are due to Mr. S.B. Westervelt for the donation of a dozen chairs. Frederic Wright has presented to the new church a chandelier and some nice side lamps. May the light they give be the means of helping some darkened hearts to find spiritual light. Thanks are due to the church at Colorado Springs for the present of a nice, neat pulpit and for the loan of eight or nine wood pews.

During the summer of 1881, while Rev. Westervelt was away, the people of Manitou finished the inside of the church as a surprise to him upon his return.