We stand at the precipice of Lent and Holy Week. This day moves from shouting and praising to a time of crying and lament. The drama of the story of Jesus’ last week reads like the book of our lives. Feeling hopeful one moment, we plummet the next as we deal with disappointment, danger, and grief. God’s incarnation on earth was not immune from this roller-coaster we call life. One thing we know, when the going gets rough, the last thing on our minds is climbing the ladder of self-improvement. We just want to survive, to be comforted, to have our pain known and embraced. And so we turn from the isolation of perfection and turn toward deep love. It is never too late to nurture the garden of relationships, for we are all a group project.

Let us pray together:

Holy One, God of Goodness, we call out to you
 at the Gates of Righteousness,

sometimes in praise, sometimes in distress
–sometimes both at once.

We long to be in your house in the presence of beloveds,

binding the festal procession with branches.

Open us this day to your love in and through
 the webs of our relationships–

and in the simple and good enough moments that fill our days.


Join us Sunday at 10am MT online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service AND inside our sanctuary for in-person worship. Our Gospel reading is Luke 19:28-40 and you can download our worship details here, which is basically an expanded version of our worship bulletin–helpful for those who live-stream our worship. 

P.S. If you grow plants and are growing any this Spring, feel free to bring a plant or two to add to our ladders of plants inside the sanctuary.

Upcoming events:

  • ProFuture Faith  Today, 11:15 after worship (a Theology study w/ video)
  • Good Enough Small Group Wednesdays at 12pm (Adams Mountain Cafe) led by Pastor Gaye
  • Palm Sunday Parade with other churches, Sunday, 9am, Memorial Park.
  • Holy Thursday Apr 14th, online (Facebook) at 6:30pm
  • Good Friday Apr 15th The Sanctuary will be open from 11am-2pm for personal introspection. There will be music and readings repeated during this time.
  • Easter Sunrise Service  Sunday (April 17) 6am, Mansions Park, led by Danny White.
  • Easter Sanctuary Worship next Sunday (April 17), 10am
    giving for flowers—dedications are welcome (although there won’t be lilies)

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