Installation: Our Historical Milestone!

Well, after nearly 25 years since our last installation of a new minister, we installed Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell on October 8, 2017 at 3 p.m.! It was a momentous occasion and the ceremony was beautiful! Additionally, we welcomed Gaye and her husband, Rev. Dr. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell, as the newest members of the Community Congregational Church (CCC) of Manitou Springs during the morning service.

Pastor Gaye was joined by Pastor Glenn, and their daughters, Dayna Cooper, Arden Mitchell, and Robyn Firth, Dayna’s husband, Cameron, Arden’s wife, Sarah, and their beautiful 1-year-old daughter Joey, at both services. In fact, Dayna and Arden did readings and Robyn, acting as lay person and Florida Conference Representative, performed the charge to the congregation during the installation.

Deb Bornholdt, CCC Moderator, welcomed visitors and officials and presented Pastor Gaye, asking for members to receive and support her in the life of our church. Rev. Erin Gilmore, Associate Conference Minister, Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC), lead the ceremony and Rev. Clare Twomey, Pastor, Vista Grande Community Congregational Church, gave a humorous, yet wisdom-filled reflection. Donna Bristow, Church and Ministry Moderator, Southeastern Association (SEA), RMC, Rev. Steve Brown, Vice-Moderator, SEA, and our own Will Hinkley, CCC committee member of the SEA, participated in the ceremony as well. We were also blessed to have many members of our own congregation and several other members of the Rocky Mountain Conference, Southeastern Association in attendance.

What a delightful surprise for us all when Pastor Gaye and Stevie Astley sang the anthem “You’re the Only Jesus” at the beginning of the ceremony. Other special music was presented by Stevie Astley, Jan Hinkley, Danny White, Matt Hinkley, and Darold Jones. And, perhaps many breathed sighs of relief as the Search Committee members were officially “decommissioned” at the end of the ceremony! A reception followed in Fellowship Hall.

Article Written by: Cathy Karr and Julie Wells

Laying On Of Hands
Photo Credit: Cathy Karr

L to R: Pastor Gaye, Donna Bristow, Steve Brown, Deb Bornholdt, Rev. Erin Gilmore, Will Hinkley
Photo Credit: Julie Wells

Glenn & Gaye-Becoming New Members!
Photo Credit: Cathy Karr

Checking Off the Last Step!
Photo Credit: Cathy Karr