Looking for Ways to Help?

Hi Manitou Church Friends,

As we continue operating as a faith community under the restrictions of the COVID pandemic, our church communications become even more important and is something that all of us need to give our utmost attention to maintaining in the most feasible manner. There are four areas we all need to pay attention to:

1) TECH HELP: Our Facebook virtual worship service continues to be our main method of connecting with our congregation. Our previous FB gurus have been Robyn Firth and Dayna Cooper, however, they have each just begun new jobs—Robyn with UCCS, and Dayna with the Colorado Springs Conservatory. In other words, we need some new Gurus! Ideally, it would be someone who likes Facebook, and is willing to learn the details of promoting the church and weekly publishing the videos to both FB and to our church’s website. Typically, it can all be done remotely.

2) CHURCH OFFICE VOLUNTER: Either Pastor Gaye or I regularly send out emails on behalf of the church; however, there are a handful of folks who don’t use email or never read their emails, so communications falls through the crack. I’m willing to pull together on a weekly basis, a printed page of church communications (like an one-page announcement sheet). We need a volunteer who would be willing to go by the church office on a weekly basis, print out the page(s) and mail it to those handful of folks who might prefer receiving this church communications via the US Mail. We probably could also use some extra dollars to pay for the postage and paper costs?

3) MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT: Our Trustees have authorized our church to subscribe to a new “database” software program; Pastor Gaye and I are contributing the cost of this program to kickstart it and I have begun learning the program and entering data. We will soon be sending out a membership information form for folks to complete so we may compile and add this info to our membership database. I am finding the process of using this software rather fascinating and would love to add others to learning and using the software. It has a whole world of possibilities and will be a valuable addition to our record-keeping processes. Do you like managing data and understanding how a wealth of information can really facilitate our church’s ministry—like a birthday and anniversary calendar, developing and communicating with small groups or task forces, for example? It would really be valuable to have others involved in this ministry of church information and it is “cloud-based” so you can do it from home.

4) PHONE TREE CALLERS: Since March, as the pandemic began, various church members have been regularly making phone calls to other church members. This seems to be a valuable ministry and it’s time to share this useful tool of connecting with folks with some new volunteers. We need to recruit new phone-callers; each caller would have maybe 8-12 different persons (or families) to call on a regular basis, calling each person about once a month and then periodically sharing any of the relevant tidbits with Pastor Gaye or periodically with all the congregation at special times of the year (holidays). Again, this is something that can be done from home. Who’s willing to make those calls?

There is a lot that our congregation can be doing during this unprecedented time in our history to keep the homefires burning. Please let us know how you are willing to join in and keep the connections alive in our church. We really need your help! Email PastorGaye@ManitouChurch.org or call/text her at 719.684.6616 and let her know how you want to help. (If there is something else you think would be good to do, let us know that as well!)

–Rev Glenn

Rev. Dr. T. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell,
Administrative Pastor/Volunteer