“Lord’s Day” Virtual Worship

Greetings on this Saturday-Sabbath!

Here’s a reminder to join us for our “Lord’s Day” virtual worship on Sunday at 10am. We will be on Facebook Live: go to our church’s Facebook page (www.FB.com/ManitouChurch) and look for the video post (or if you join us during the 10:00 hour, our Live worship should pop up first). As you join our community of faith in this virtual church, please add your comments—let us know you are there and from where you are watching; later in the worship service, we will also be seeking prayer concerns—those can be also added as comments and we will lift them up in our corporate prayer time.

If you can’t join us live, a video of the worship time will be added as one of the posts on our Facebook page.

Last week we reached 126 people with 173 engagements!

As we continue our journey of “The Last Week” we are exploring the “First Supper” of Wednesday of Holy Week. You can read the story in Mark 14:3-9. This is the story of an unnamed woman anointing Jesus with expensive perfume: Suppose your boss gave you a bonus equal to a year’s wages. What would you do with it? Pay some bills? Give some away? Buy a new car? Invest in stocks and bonds (not in today’s financial market)? Would you pour it out at the feet of Jesus? Would you invest it all in the Kin-dom of God?

Tomorrow, on Facebook, we will attach a copy of our worship bulletin for the week, so you can follow along with our worship.

Spread the word and join us for our Livestream worship service!

God’s Blessings!

Pastors Gaye & Glenn