Missed Sunday’s Worship? Now, you can watch it on YouTube!

Yes, we know it happens: you really planned on making it to church on time, but “Oh Well” maybe next week. Hey, we got a new Plan B–watch the Choir sing and Pastor Gaye preach–on YouTube!

Now, we don’t yet promise to get it done each week, but Rev Glenn and daughters Robyn and Dayna, are working really diligently at live-streaming the worship each week on Facebook Live and starting this week, providing an edited version of our worship for your review on YouTube. Typically, the worship will include the choir anthem and Pastor Gaye’s sermon (with the scripture to help set the scene). We are not talking something professionally polished, using thousands of dollars of equipment, but video from a Canon Rebel camera, with a little editing using iMovie on a home Mac. Open YouTube on any device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and search for Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs. Here’s the link for last Sunday’s sermon: Click here to watch Sunday December 9 on YouTube. By the way, what a great anthem!

We also livestream each Sunday on Facebook Live, using a simple video blog camera (look for the Livestream on our church’s Facebook page–just enter Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs on Facebook in the Search bar).

Finally, tell some friends and family about your church; invite them to watch; send them an invite on Facebook; send the link to our YouTube video. Maybe one day, your friends and family will join you in church and you’ll want to make it to church on time!