All Saints Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate All Saints Sunday. It is a day to recognize and remember the loved ones we lost in the past year. It is a day of healing from our losses, and a day to honor those that have done the most for us throughout our lives. We will be sharing the names of those church members who have passed this last year and also lighting candles for those we’ve lost who were important to us as individuals, whether or not they ever knew of our church at all!

Please note that our process for beginning worship will be different this week.

Folks will be asked to enter the Sanctuary in silence, and then provided respectful quiet time with music to come forward and light a candle for their loved ones prior to the start of our Worship.

Rest assured we will have plenty of time to visit with our friends, old and new, after worship. So enjoy this time of silence and introspection to remember and honor all the saints in our lives.

— Pastor ​Gaye