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Easter Is One Amazing Story

On Easter Sunday My practice is to read the passages from at least two gospels, this year both Mark and John. In both gospel stories, women are at center stage and, for all intents and purposes, challenged to be the first messengers of the “great commission” to go and tell the world well before this […]

All Saints Sunday

All Saints Sunday This Sunday we celebrate All Saints Sunday. It is a day to recognize and remember the loved ones we lost in the past year. It is a day of healing from our losses, and a day to honor those that have done the most for us throughout our lives. We will be […]

Ice Cream vs. Brussels Sprouts


Have you ever had one of those days where the cook in your household says “What would you like for dinner?” You respond something like “Meatloaf! I love meatloaf.” Then, much to your chagrin, your cook says “Great! We’re having Liver & Onions!!!” You sit back and wonder if you really want to eat, even […]