My Journey of Faith

GodControlMy parents grew up during the depression in the Texas panhandle, moved to Manitou in ’46, opened their business, and raised myself and my two sisters in the apartment behind our Osburn’s Gift Shop. Growing up in downtown Manitou created fun memories for us and brought us to worship at this church. While Mom and Dad did not preach to us, they demonstrated a Christian life: Treat all with kindness and generosity plus never a bad word of others. I was gently taught that God guided my life. This Church and Sunday School was a self-mandated responsibility. I still have the “perfect attendance” awards from these formative years. The active youth group was key to my growing up with gentle ease in the turbulent ‘60s.

I married and together we started a family. I became part of a bible study group outside of this Manitou church. It was here that I learned that living my “good” life is not all there is. With this study, I moved to a new spiritual level, a “Christ-centered” life. By giving my whole being to Jesus, I began to have a fuller purpose to life. 17 years later, these wedding vows for life did not last. In those sleepless nights I repeated the hymn, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face for the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” It was a dark and stormy night when God gave me a clear message that allowed me to end the marriage. Since then, by actively listening to Him, I received the strength to continue. I have not looked back or doubted His path for me.

My faith strengthened throughout my wonderful 17 year marriage to Jay. When he died, I realized that I was not alone. Instead Jesus is my significant other in a whole new way. God really is in control. This is yet another new purpose, a new level of faith in my life.

Living all my life in Manitou has been a blessing beyond measure. The sense of community especially in this church comes only from God. I thank Him every day for my life. I have been in active bible study for more than 40 years and still have so much to learn! My bible study group is what continues to strengthen my spiritual growth.

Now I know: When I am forced into God’s waiting room to wait for answers to hard questions in silence. He waits with me.

It is not easy to talk about my faith but this Christ-centered life helps give me confidence to share my ups and downs more openly. I believe this is a way for me to spread His word with the assurance that these conversations strengthen us all. The joy, comfort, and confidence I feel when living my life for Christ is for all to see. God created each of us to have different gifts. My uniqueness is not from me. It is God’s light shining thru me.

Thanks for allowing me to share this journey of my faith, Nancy Osburn Lindley

I look forward to your comments!