New Worship Series for a New Year — Follow Me!

This worship series for our new year is calling for a new or renewed commitment to the path of discipleship, inviting both new and long-term members of the church to reaffirm and take up the challenge of new growth and new depth. We are called to follow Jesus, who went down into the waters of baptism and came up to new possibilities and a new world. The heavens were torn apart, not in destruction, but in removing the limitations and the divisions between this world and the coming kin-dom of God. Let us fully embrace the call to follow.

Worship should be a celebration; this is the beginning of a new year. We survived 2020, and while there might still be lingering effects of the pandemic and the unrest, it is time to embrace a new possibility, a new hope. The heavens have been torn open. But this isn’t a threat; it’s a promise of something new, something better. Let us commit ourselves to a closer walk with Christ. Let the waters of baptism renew us and cleanse us for our mission and ministry as followers of Jesus.

First, its about Epiphany, which is about seeing Christ, about the manifestation of Messiah in the person of Jesus. Certainly, the proclamation made at his baptism, the tearing open of the heavens, and the descending of the Spirit like a dove can be that revelatory experience.

Then, it’s also about a baptism remembrance that provides the opportunity to remind our congregation that we are now the visible evidence of the presence of Christ in the world. When we claim the new life that we embrace at our baptism, we live the light that we proclaim. We are the witness to the activity of the Lord in the midst of the present-day reality.
As you prepare for worship this Sunday, January 10, I invite you to gather a pitcher of water and an empty bowl. During our worship we will all take the opportunity to pour some water into the bowl, doing this five times as I say the words, “God of the waters.”

Join us on Facebook on Sunday at 10 am (and then later our worship can be found on our church’s website). A printout of our our worship details can be seen on our church’s website which you can download or you can see these details on Sunday on Facebook. Reach out to me if you want to join our virtual worship but are having difficulties and I can try to help you in how to connect.