New Worship Series: “Leading Causes of Life”

This is a season of saying “Yes” to life. This is a season of noticing the flourishing and abundant life all around us. This we do instead of focusing on what isn’t working. In the picture on the book that inspired this series, there is a (beautiful) dying leaf in water. Are we focused on the dying of the leaf and its disconnection to its source? Or do we notice that it is carried along by water teeming with life—signs of renewal? Saying “yes” to life in Christ offers us the opportunity to see the assets that create possibility and that create new ways of flourishing together in this world.

The gospel-writer Luke has the angels at the tomb asking the women, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” [Luke 24:5b] On this first Sunday of this seven-week worship series, Leading Causes of Life, I plan on introducing our theme and inviting us all to adjust our lenses to recognize life rather than focus on death—and that, during this pandemic, feels like is destroying us. I pose these questions this Sunday: “What is the focus of our attention?” “What dominates our imaginations?” And we will be introduced to the five leading causes of life through which we will journey: connection, coherence, agency, blessing, and hope.

This Sunday finds us expanding ourselves out a little as we attempt a re-gathering—with an outdoors worship service in Manitou Springs Fields Park (just west of the tennis courts on El Paso Blvd) at 10 am (arrive early enough to get fully checked in with the Covid19 requirements for gathering outdoors) for all of those who feel comfortable with that. And as has been our pattern since the middle of March, we will continue to live-stream our worship on the church’s Facebook page and (download the video) to our website. So, join us for worship, Re-gathered under the oaks or virtually through the internet!

With Health and Wholeness

Pastor Gaye

Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell, Pastor