Join me in a “Faith Study” during this season of Lent following our Sunday worship for an eight-session video discussion course, “ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home,” that weaves together science, inspiration, and sustainability in a visually stunning and conversation-generating way. “Just when we are tempted to get lost in the haze of consumerismContinue Reading

Ash Wednesday (or Ash Sunday, as the case may be) marks the beginning of the Lent season, a time when we aspire to make some room for deeper introspection and practices that will draw us into the love and assurance of faith. But sometimes faith can feel not as assured as we hoped for. We canContinue Reading

As we continue our worship series about the Lord’s Prayer, I’m reminded of what one of my favorite preachers once wrote in a book about prayer: citing several funny stories. Sometimes what the children heard as they were learning the prayer, wasn’t what their parents intended to teach. A three-year-old recited the prayer in thisContinue Reading

Join us inside our church sanctuary for Christmas Eve worship with a concert beginning at 7pm and our candlelight worship beginning at 7:30pm. Please wear masks. O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see you lie!Above your deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by;Yet in your dark streets shines forth the everlastingContinue Reading

Here’s our Advent Prayer for this coming Sunday: Ah Holy One, in this season of Advent,we wait for you to break into our worlds, unexpectedly.Help us to stay awake, to be aware, to hope against hope.We pray for your peace in this worldwhen You will settle things fairly between nations, and make things right betweenContinue Reading

Plan to join us on Saturday, December 18 at 1pm on our church west lawn (on Pawnee Avenue) for a time of singing Christmas Carols. Folks are excited as this was something that many people missed last year at the height of the pandemic. Plan to bring your lawn chairs. Danny White has several storiesContinue Reading

To discover the story of the pink candle, we first have to look at the origins of the season and the wreath. Until Advent was instituted toward the end of the fifth century, the only season Christians observed was Lent. As preparation for Christmas, the Church established Advent in the spirit of Lent–as a seasonContinue Reading